I am tired. I am weary. I have been in Colombia three years. I have lived in both city and village. I have had enough.
Whatever the future holds, Zuluaga's loss in the elections means hope for peace. But Santos needs to prove himelf a real leader with principles to achieve this. Otherwise he is just another leader taking advantage of his people.
First they killed Omairi's daughter. The paramilitaries meant to kill her husband, a journalist who was exposing corruption in Colombia, South America. They bungled the assassination and he survived, but their daughter died.
Northern Ireland Loyalists have denied making a death threat against a Belfast-based journalist. The National Union of Journalists
I've been here in Colombia almost a year now and I don't regret the move for a second. There are so many reasons why I love it so but I think foremost among them is that I feel at home for what seems like the first time in years.