It's incredibly difficult to get a part-time job, especially if you are professional, qualified and reasonably well-paid. Too many companies aren't open to the part-time option or to job-shares. Too many women are trapped in the job they have. There is nowhere else to go. It's worse if you have had a baby without the security of a job to go back to. It took me years to get a part-time position, and I know I am not alone. In fact, I have been banging on about this, and the waste of a whole tranche of intelligent, well qualified women, for years.
It is our son's fourth birthday this week and we will have a great time, the day will be about him and celebrating his life. The day before it however, I like to celebrate myself and what happened on the day I struggled to give birth. I know I have only been through it the once but I bet others who have been through it many times can still recall each and every one?
This week I chaired an event on babies' rights. You can be forgiven for thinking that sounds a bit abstract and woolly because it does. But the shocking truth is that babies are eight times more likely to be killed than any other age group in childhood.
Thanks Gwyneth. I was having a bad day ANYWAY, until you made me feel even worse. Guilt rears its ugly head enough for us full time working mums, without you wading in to the fray telling us we need to "compromise" to be a mother and run a successful family.
You don't have to be the best mother or girlfriend or homemaker. You just have to look like you are. I was at a friend's
Dearest Son Let's not shout at each other anymore, let's go to the seaside and fall in love with each other again. Let's
Invariably UK working mothers face similar issues to our sisters across the pond. So what are the key lessons British employers can learn in order to retain working mothers and attract stay-at-home career-orientated mothers back into the workforce?
Nearly 200,000 babies in Britain are at high risk of suffering abuse because they are born into families with problems of
I really believe that if midwives are able to to really make sure that women understand what their choices mean for them and their baby -- the risks and benefits -- then far fewer women will choose elective caesareans.
Parenting classes for 50,000 families could have an important impact for both parents and children, but it would be better to allow parents to spend more quality time with their kids.