parenting classes

It seems that everyone believes that parenting classes are wonderful idea - except for the parents.
The government has announced controversial new plans for classes teaching grandmothers how to suck eggs. “We know from speaking
Free parenting classes are not a "nanny state" policy, David Cameron insisted as he unveiled a number of initiatives aimed
The government is offering free parenting classes to families with children under five in a bid to encourage external help
Parenting comes with its own challenges for every generation. For me it's the challenge of how to balance being a mum with being a woman in my own right. Give parents a break, there is no one size fits all and most of us do a great job.
Some 50,000 families are to be given free parenting lessons as part of the coalition's drive to make society more responsible
Free parenting classes will be offered to all families with children under five years of age in a pilot scheme announced