For me, when I started to think about what being a dad is all about, it led me to think of similarities between the workplace and parenting - 'what's he talking about I hear you ask...' Now, I don't work in a soft play centre and I'm not saying you can only be a good parent if you're high flying in the workplace, BUT, what I am saying is that some of the skills at work and home overlap.
The concept of 'manning up' and 'not being a pussy' are so far ingrained in us that the mere idea of discussing that you know what, we might not be coping, is as alien as admitting we don't know the offside rule.
Yet, as the euphoria fades and the reality of day to day life with children settles, it's likely that you've had some concerns about your body. Perhaps you've noticed that it's changed a little of late? Maybe you're not the athlete you once were? Have you discovered hair in places you never dreamed of?
I'd been watching, with growing horror, as one little boy - at least 6 months older than Sam - wreaked havoc in the vicinity. This child, who seemed to be part human, part concrete - seriously he was built like the proverbial brick lavatory - was roaming among the (much smaller) other kids with a gleefully sadistic look on his face.
Mental health has been part of my life since I was a teenager as my dad suffered with depression. At his lowest point he had suicidal thoughts. Luckily he recovered.
The Office of National Statistics has just published new data about the state of the UK. Lo and behold, this has led to excitable headlines about a fall in the number of stay at home dads in Britain.
I had some lovely feedback from my mum on one of my first published pieces. "It's terribly good darling, but isn't it a bit... well... sweary?!" Well, yes it is. And it seems I'm in excellent company as research shows that women are more likely to drop the F-bomb than men.
If you are a control freak, don't have kids. If you have perfectionist tendencies, keep the condoms on the bedside table. If you've Marie Kondo-ed your knicker drawer and, like Beckham, line up the cans in your cupboards so it all looks perfect, then for goodness sake don't allow sticky-fingered monsters into your life.
If you are expecting your first baby I'm sure you're nervous, excited, but not quite sure what to expect or what is expected of you. I've been in midwifery for almost a decade and here's a few quick tips. I hope they help.
In the olden days, I'd be so excited about the prospect of an extra day out of the office. It would inevitably be spent in a pub, or if the sun came out, in a pub garden. I'd sleep, drink, party and repeat. Then along came the kids and a huge overdraft from two maternity leaves.