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Teenagers might have all the latest apps and a better understanding of the online world in general than many adults, but the fact remains that they are not good at protecting their data, whether by failing to back up their important files and photos or through over-sharing of personal information
Teens and adults can get bogged down with 'silent life suckers' you know, the things that tell you, how you should be, think, feel . What is and isn't 'in' or acceptable, unattainable images constantly in your face. All these 'silent life suckers' can and do start to create doubt, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and in some cases anxiety.
In many households across the country panic stations are being hit as everyone realises exams start in just over a week's time. Some committed and diligent students may have been revising steadily for months now. Others will barely have glanced at a text book or flicked through their exercise book.
Teenagers today are probably the most observed and analysed generation ever. So it's ironic that we're unable to come up
Let me resolve this debate once and for all. Teenagers are into politics now. Once upon a time, you adopted a political stance to annoy your Mum and Dad and then eventually voted for the person who promised to do away with tuition fees. Now there is/was Milli-fandom, Corbyn-istas, Cameronettes (although the Cameronettes didn't exactly turn into a teen-cult phenomenon.)
Young people are switched on - and are going to be the motor of the economy going forward. It's exciting and encouraging, sometimes inspirational. I for one couldn't be happier that they are smarter than us.
Although I was a teenager half of my life ago, I still remember the nightmare of acne, blackheads and nothing working to solve them, I also remember all the things I did wrong.
Being a teenager is quite the roller coaster ride. Sandwiched between childhood and adulthood with hormones flying all over
When you live with three teenagers, you are always the first in bed. You are programmed to sit up trance-like at 2am, jump out of bed and do a check of bodies in beds - and, if bodies are missing, conduct the same check hourly thereafter. This was a shock - a return to broken nights from the exhausting days of Baby-has-a-cold.