paris attack

Solidarity for all victims requires nothing less, if our common humanity has any meaning. Otherwise ISIS have already won the culture war. We might want to imagine peace, but that is not the reality being offered by Jihadists.
If the left carry on to hide away from this debate, then they forfeit credibility. Attacking the government's failed attempts to reduce immigration, while putting forward bold policies which outline Labour's belief in protecting workers, is the direction party policy now has to go. To convince voters of the progressive advantages immigration can bring to the UK, the left need to step up.
The role of the journalist/polemicist is often misrepresented as to only report facts; this is especially true of the former
It wouldn't be a funny story if I did a talk at the Ministry of Defence (MoD) on the day piecemeal war broke out, but that
Friday the 13th 2015 marks the third time in the last 12 months that France has been attacked by extremists. More than any
The French air force launched a "massive" air strike on the city of Raqqa on Sunday, the capital of the Islamic State movement
In the wake of the Paris massacre, Ben Carson gave an inexplicable foreign policy interview to Fox News on Sunday in which
Israel's Prime Minister has been criticised for his "opportunism" and trying to "cash in" on the Paris attacks by drawing
Iraqi intelligence officers warned coalition countries, and France specifically, of an impending Islamic State attack a day
I happened to be in Paris the week before the so called "Islamic State" launched the concerted terrorist attacks that have