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Story contains graphic detail Europe's first female suicide bomber has been confirmed as one of those killed in a raid on
Football fans will be subject to extra security checks at grounds this weekend, as the Premier League boss admitted staff
I've recently noticed that the more sugary the breakfast cereal is that I'm eating
Yes, free expression is a right. One that's enshrined in the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights no less. But as has already been pointed out by more learned people than me, it's a right that comes with many caveats.
Pope Francis has suggested the murdered Charlie Hebdo cartoonists were "provocateurs" who should have expected a violent
A Belgian businessman has been accused of trying to "trademark tragedy" after he applied to register the 'Je Suis Charlie
Online bids in Britain for the new Charlie Hebdo magazine have topped £1,500 as the first issue since the massacre of eight
With a printing press, medals of honor and ceremonies thousands of miles apart, France and Israel paid tribute Tuesday to
I cannot speak for Ahmed Merabet, but as a Muslim he may well have been offended by some of Charlie Hebdo's material. Regardless of this, he still gave his life to protect their right to free speech. In my opinion, this attitude is something we can all learn from.
The Prophet Mohammed, with a tear in his eye, is on the front cover of the first Charlie Hebdo edition published since Islamic