paris shootings

Never again, we all said. Yet here we are, facing the greatest refugee crisis since World War Two and we are once again talking about shutting our doors to the people who need our help the most... Our rejection and maltreatment of refugees plays into the hands of ISIS who rely on any anti-Muslim sentiment in the West to boost recruitment and incite anger. A large number of IS fighters in Syria and Iraq are from the West. We understand why people are scared. We are scared too, but so are the refugees. And turning them away is not the solution. We are all victims of terror now. We should let it unite us not divide us.
I have witnessed and heard several slammings of the French Tricolour profile picture on Facebook and the sharing of the 'Peace for Paris' symbol with some questioning, 'How does this even help?' Are you kidding?
In the wake of the last few days, the thoughts of the world are undoubtedly with those suffering the effects of a seminal
Please don't just change your picture because it's the latest internet trend. Solidarity isn't about changing your profile picture. It's too easy to do that. It's about changing your attitude and uniting with everyone. It's deeply screwed up and scary to think that if I changed my profile picture every time there is lives lost at the hands of extremism, I would be changing it every day.
I don't yet know the names of any of those who died. I don't know their stories or what they did. But I know their dinner reservations, their ticket confirmations for the band they liked, the ache in their bones after a long week at work. They were friends I hadn't met yet.
I would invite those who are invoking the sanctity of free speech and freedom of self expression in response to the shootings in Paris to consider a few things...
The members of my synagogue are worried. What if the attack had not been in Paris but in London? Not on Charlie Hebdo, but on Private Eye? Not on a kosher supermarket over there, but one over here? Is it still safe to go to synagogue and to send our children to the Religion School, or is it better to stay away and keep our heads down? How do I help them understand the dreadful events over the last few days, and what should be our response. This is my open letter to them.
As a real Muslim, I don't want to go to war with the rest of the world. I just want to peacefully coexist. I'm certain there are more real Muslims like me out there. It's time they find a voice to speak up.
The 87-year-old cartoonist behind the classic Asterix cartoon has come out of retirement specifically to pay tribute to the
During the shootings at the Paris headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, the masked gunman entered the building and called for the