parkinson's symptoms

People with Parkinson's have told us they've been stared at, had their symptoms mistaken for drunkenness, and even been laughed at in public because of their symptoms.
As I reached the frozen foods section, Parkinson's decided to unexpectedly throw me a curve ball, and I suddenly came to a grinding halt and froze. Rather appropriately, or ironic - depending on how you look at it, I was rooted to the spot next to the frozen vegetables.
Despite my ill-health, I have great clarity, my mind is sharp and most importantly, I've maintained a sense of humour which gets me through each day. The hellish thought of being unable to speak, imprisoned by Parkinson's petrifying cloak of silence, terrifies me.
Boxing may seem like an unlikely sport for a Parkinson's disease patient, but experts believe it could help delay the disease's
Parkinson's disease sufferers are being subjected to "intolerable levels of prejudice", a charity has warned, after it was