The work of The World Parrot Trust, BirdLife International, many scientists, bird breeders and others has over the last three decades helped to avert the extinction of many species of parrots. Even some of the most critically endangered ones have begun to increase in number. The African Grey Parrot could join that group on the way to recovery and the journey might begin with this month's CITES conference and a ban on wild-caught birds being traded internationally.
His owner should teach him how to order a pizza.
Parakeets are very clever birds, as is clear from the fact that they can replicate human speech. This particular one, however
As far as bird-brained ideas go, this is a good one. Having already tattooed his face and eyeballs so he looks more like
Never let it be said that Matthew McConaughey parrots his lines. Because it's more a case of the other way around. Yes, hello
"I was unexpectedly attacked by my daughter parrot while playing the Titanic music on the violin," explains the husband of
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Vito the macaw. Vito likes nothing more than going out for a ride with his owner on the appropriately
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Ladies and gentlemen, meet the grey parrot that appears to be the MC Hammer of the avian world. (Via Viral Viral Videos)
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Listen up, everyone! Ariel the parrot has just spotted a squirrel out in the garden and - as you can tell from the video
Look, it’s really quite simple. A very nice man called Andrew Grey has built a rather nifty motorised buggy for his African
Why? Why? Why? If you knew your pet parrot/cockatoo was pretty adept at picking up song lyrics, why - of all the tracks in
A cockatoo called Figaro has astonished scientists by figuring out how to manufacture and use tools. It is the first time
Alright, lads - calm down! Today's oooh-oooh-aren't-they-cute video shows a bunch of baby Quaker parrots squawking and jumping
African grey parrots are no bird brains - they can not only learn to talk, but they have outperformed human two-year-olds
For the ultimate grudge match between a Chihuahua (a small, yappy-type dog) and a parrot (a small, squawk-loving bird) over
Last May, while having dinner with a close friend, I suddenly found myself on the receiving end of unexpected compliments - for having had one of my books made into a film." What film?" I said. "Rio", my friend replied, adding that it was "the one about the two rare blue parrots"... The last bit certainly rang a bell, as I was the author of a book called Spix's Macaw - the race to save the world's rarest bird. This true story charted the fortunes of a single male of this rare blue parrot and how he was reunited with a last female in a bid to save the species from extinction.