Party Funding

We're expecting David Cameron to confirm this week that the coalition's plans for House of Lords reform are going to be dropped
Disgraced former Tory co-treasurer Peter Cruddas was the biggest donor to the Conservative party in the first three months
Peter Cruddas, the former Tory treasurer, has been cleared of breaching donation laws by the Electoral Commission. The Commission
Politicians are completely out of touch with ordinary citizens regarding taxpayer funding of political parties. People are disgusted with the influence exercised by an unscrupulous rich elite, that is able to bend politicians and policies to its will using its wealth.
Fugitive multi-millionaire fraudster and Liberal Democrat donor Michael Brown is set to face an extradition hearing in Spain
Ed Miliband has suggested that political party funding should be reformed, with a cap on individual donations set at £5,000
Britain's 90th richest man, and eponymous founder of the Peter Cruddas Foundation, dedicated to the "development of... lasting
This, combined with the Werrity scandal, makes it seem like the Tory party is government for sale - the kind of accusations which won't just go away.
David Cameron today faced demands for an independent inquiry into "cash for access" allegations after he confirmed he had
David Cameron has published a full list of those "significant" Tory party donors who have dined in Downing Street, some of