Whether you are back to work this week or enjoying one last weekend of respite, my penne with zucchini and prosciutto dish will be a welcome pick-me-up. It is quick and easy, and pairs well with a glass of verdicchio from le Marche - this beautiful white wine is perfect.
Spaghetti carbonara is another classic Italian dish and a consistent crowd pleaser. This is an incredibly quick recipe, but the secret to success is in the consistency, the pasta to sauce ratio, and the quality of ingredients.
Cooking for one or two people is expensive, time-consuming and irritating. (Unless you are making pasta, in which case obviously it is a joy). My friend Alex has come up with his own solution: he buys, religiously, 3 Waitrose whole cooked roast chickens.
University of Adelaide researchers are working with colleagues in Italy to produce better quality pasta that also adds greater
I thought a special tagliatelle con asparagi, crème fraîche, egg and parmesan would be a great addition to the Olympic 2012 celebrations this weekend.
Pasta, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. It’s a staple of every student’s kitchen, a raw material in children’s
As we all know, the school break can be either completely fantastic or a nightmare! I have some great ideas for things that will keep the kids entertained in the kitchen the Italian way.