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A Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist working at hospitals in the North East of England has effectively been put 'on watch' for 12 months by the General Medical Council (GMC) after being found to have caused patients unnecessary suffering by making a series of avoidable mistakes.
More than a quarter of NHS trusts have been identified as high risk and may not be offering safe, good-quality care to patients
The number of complaints about doctors made by their colleagues or patients is on the rise, according to new figures. Data
The consultant turned to him and straight faced said, 'I would like to thank you for all your hard work these past months, if you need a reference for McDonald's I'd be happy to help,' before turning his back and leaving the ward. The consultant at the time happened to be one of the programme directors for junior trainees at that hospital.
Despite the manifesto underpinning the National Health Service, there are obvious concerns with its functioning, blighted primarily by a lack of resources. As a result NHS workers are left to function in an extirpated environment with less than optimum fodder; limited staffing, bed space and financial constraints hindering the use of latest technologies and treatment.
Almost half of GPs say they can "no longer guarantee safe care" for their patients, statistics show. A poll of family doctors
There are some occupations you simply can not get fired from, no mater how mind meltingly bad you are at doing your job.
A group of ethnic minority doctors has launched legal action against the doctors' watchdog over alleged inequality in GP
Like many nurses, I left the NHS because I found it practically impossible to be able to deliver a good standard of care due to what I call the 'constant revolution' within the health service.
A hospital trust will apologise to the families of 38 people who suffered what human rights lawyers have called "appalling
Ageism in the NHS is stopping some older cancer patients getting the best treatments, a charity has warned. Nearly half of
Public satisfaction with the NHS has fallen dramatically, according to a report. Satisfaction with the way the NHS runs fell
The General Medical Council has reported that one in six people on prescription medication are given incorrect doses during consultations with their GP. Common errors found include insufficient or incomplete information on the prescription along with dose and the timing of doses, calling for immediate review and monitoring of the current system.
Footage of an Alzheimer's sufferer being repeatedly beaten by a member of staff at a care home will be screened on Monday
A 94-year-old man discharged alone at 1am and an 80-year-old man sent home wearing just pyjamas, who died several hours later
Hundreds of millions will be spent on "state of the art" NHS equipment and buildings, the Prime Minister has announced. David
GPs have been over-paid millions of pounds for patients who have moved practice, died or been forced to leave the country
One in 10 GPs believe their patients may have died as a result of poor hospital care, according to a survey that paints a
But the NHS is large, operationally and technically complex, close to the public's heart and contains ranks of organised stakeholders with diverse views. With public satisfaction levels at an all-time high, creating a mandate for change on the huge scale envisaged by the White paper was always going to be hard. Add in the bomb of explicitly promoting more competition and the backdrop of a very challenging budget settlement for the NHS, a coalition government, and the difficulty multiplies.
More than half of high-risk patients undergoing surgery do not receive good care, according to a study which paints a "disturbing