Paul Mashatile

President Jacob Zuma is expected to resign during an NEC meeting on Monday, as the ANC faces mounting pressure to finalise his exit from office.
"But as we celebrate this day, we need to say the ANC is in good hands today. The ANC is with the people."
The ANC would have recalled Zuma on Wednesday if he didn't agree to resign, ANC Treasurer-General Paul Mashtaile is heard saying.
Our president seems determined to leave office on his own terms and not under instructions by the ANC.
President Jacob Zuma would not have been a passive participant when the ANC leadership went to see him on Sunday night.
"Our view is that there should be a change of guard."
ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa and ANC treasurer-general Paul Mashatile strolled with Nasrec to visit small business vendors
Ramaphosa says the branches must decide on the leadership of the ANC.
"What has been worse is a leadership that is scared, full of fear and can't make decisions."
The EFF ultimately decided to vote with the DA, swaying the vote away from the ANC.