pay freeze

Britain's business leaders have enjoyed seeing their pay packets soar as the economy recovers from the financial crash, but
Imagine, if you need to, being on below average wages and finding out that because some wealthy bankers crashed the economy you wouldn't be getting a pay rise any time soon. As I say, only imagine this if you need to. There is a very good chance you know exactly how it feels. If you work in the public sector, it has happened to you...
Britons' take-home pay has been in its longest sustained fall since records began in 1964, official figures say. This startling
Businesses must improve their employees' pay next year after a "prolonged squeeze", Confederation of British Industry boss
George Osborne will tell voters in his Autumn Statement on Thursday that workers' pay has remained steady in the wake of
Nearly three out of four workers stayed trapped on low pay over the last decade, a new study by the Resolution Foundation
Nurses are increasingly relying on payday loans and borrowing from friends and family due to their falling take-home pay
Pay rises for workers will remain low, with any increases this year set to remain at a below-inflation average of 2%, a new
At this point, the government's response is usually to point to the raising of the income tax threshold, as a key policy helping to address the cost of living. This has undoubtedly eased the pressure for those households that have benefitted, but sadly any benefit that would be felt has been completely wiped out by rising costs and cuts to benefits and tax credits.
The privatisation of the police service will have a detrimental effect on public safety and the level of service they expect and deserve from us. I don't say this lightly, I am genuinely outraged by what is happening to the greatest police service in the world.