pay it forward

I could rant a lot about douche bags, but today I want to shout out to the other type of people you will come into contact with as a parent.  The one's who are kind and thoughtful.  The one's who can make a tough day better.
The start of a new year is always one to reflect on what was. We are all guilty of spending the holidays celebrating the
giving back.jpg As parents, we owe it to our children to show elderly people that we care. One day, we too will be old and who knows if we will be lucky enough to still have family and friends around us? We will be extremely lucky if we do.
Science shows us that people who act altruistically tend to be happier, healthier and, in fact, to live longer themselves. There are numerous studies which show that being kind or being on the receiving end of kindness has many health benefits.
Campus life is typically associated with many attributes, but kindness is not usually one of them. We tend to imagine universities reeking of academic rigour, intensive study, looming deadlines and value-brand baked beans; the warm fragrance of kindness is rarely associated with these ivory towers of learning.
Scrolling though the news channels this morning was like the opening sequence to a film in which the director is trying to convey just how chaotic the world has become in the dystopian future. Except it's real life. It's right now, and though I can choose to turn off the TV, I cannot forget what I've learned and I cannot ignore it - and nor should you.
Throughout my Nicest Job journey I have met some incredible people - but one of those people stick out more than all the others. This week I am going to tell you about Maria.
One woman's kind gesture of paying for a stranger's McDonald's meal caused a chain reaction and inspired a staggering 250
In today's me me me society, we seem to have lost our way somewhat when it comes to kindness. Yet we are actually programmed to be kind because being nice gave us evolutionary advantages in that it is a process that encourages the exchange of resources within a group.
Imagine what you would be teaching your children by Reverse Trick or Treating - about acts of kindness, about doing something nice for other people, about how one small act can make the world a better place. It's a lesson that is a world away from the traditional Trick or Treat one.