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Taxpayers' money has been lavished on questionable PPE contracts, Brexit preparations and other "vanity projects".
Recognising their service and sacrifice during coronavirus should not be an afterthought, writes Layla Moran.
MPs will receive a 2.8% pay rise next month, taking their basic salary to £79,468. This follows an increase of 1.8% in 2018. We asked people in Halifax if they thought MPs deserve the wage boost.
Britain needs a pay rise after a "historic decade" of hardship, says The TUC.
She went on: “The support that I’ve had speaks to the depth of hunger for an equal, fair and transparent pay system.” With
Learn from the person in charge of the purse strings
According to pay data from Korn Ferry Hay Group, UK employees, on average, are predicted to receive a 2.3% increase in their
Perhaps if MPs were paid the same amount as many people in the country, they would be able to understand them more and in fact then be able to make laws that people can relate to and appreciate.