Payday loan

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby's warnings about payday loans have inspired a rap song. We Need A Union On The Streets
I think it's safe to say that most people have heard of payday loans, what with the countless adverts for them on TV these days. A lot of people have heard of them, a lot of people use them, but how many people actually know about their effects on credit ratings?
Payday lenders have been accused by Which? of "exploiting" borrowers who default on loans with over-the-top fees that raise
George Osborne has surprised critics by unveiling plans to cap the total cost of payday loans to save vulnerable consumers
Payday lender Wonga made more than £1 million per week over 2012 despite the firm being caught up in controversy over its
Campaigners warn that today is the day people are most likely to take out an expensive payday loan as they struggle to manage
Payday loans are trapping increasing numbers of consumers in a downward spiral of debt caused by exorbitant penalty charges