Payment Protection insurance

Banking misconduct has sparked an increase in complaints to a record high as a huge insurance mis-selling scandal continues
Seven million people could share in up to £1.3 billion of compensation as 13 high street banks and credit card firms agreed
The number of complaints made to the Financial Ombudsman about payment protection insurance (PPI) has risen yet again, with
HSBC's results revealed a less rosy year than analysts were expecting, with the UK operations losing £670 million as a result
Nearly 1.4 million complaints were made to Lloyds Banking Group during 2012 about payment protection insurance (PPI), figures
Lloyds Banking Group has been fined £4.3 million by the Financial Services Authority for delaying claims payments for those
Barclays is to cut 3,700 jobs, it has announced. The jobs to go are 1,800 investment banking posts and 1,900 in retail and
Two of the biggest mis-selling scandals to hit British banks has forced Barclays to put another £1bn aside for claims, just
The payment protection insurance (PPI) furore is far from over, as new data from the financial ombudsman shoes almost half
A bankers trade body has appealed to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to introduce a time limit for customers who were