The government is facing criticism for forcing people to take loans while they wait for payments.
The former foreign secretary said many of the payments were “unexpected foreign royalties”.
There’s a mystery $50,000 payment buried in the legal documents...
My payments started small. I gave my hair, my strength, and my sense of wellbeing
Contactless payments are now very much a thing. Spending on contactless cards more than trebled over the last year to reach
A firm's payment terms tell a greater story about its approach to ethics, integrity, morals and respect. Too many companies are letting themselves and their suppliers down. Billions of pounds of late payments are owed to small firms. It's time to make this a thing of the past.
The list of things with which you can pay for a sandwich is getting smaller all the time. Phones, fingers, eyeballs… Even
A lot of writers don't only earn less than the national average wage, they earn far less than the minimum wage. I'm not talking about writers who are unpublished or indeed, failed by any measure - I'm talking about people whose books have been taken on by bona fide publishers and whose work is building a steady, if not bestselling following.
Contactless payment cards aren't the only new payment tool that's changing the payments landscape. Mobile payment and wallet solutions are set to transform how consumers manage their money and interact with merchants. For businesses, while this can seem like a daunting transformation, this transition can offer a wealth of new insight and contact points between the organisation and the customer.
The rise of alternative payments has been phenomenal, to the extent that these types of payment now account for 22% of global transactional value. But what are the parameters for a payment method to be classed as 'alternative'?
Headlines around the Euro crisis have resurfaced with a vengeance in recent weeks. The uncertainty surrounding the future of the Euro is taking its toll on financial stability and the markets.
Payment surcharges - extra fees added to the price of a purchase based on a consumers' choice of payment - have become increasingly
If a writer is prepared to work without getting paid, how good can they be? If a plumber offers to work for free, that could be a bad sign. But writing isn't like other professions. A struggling writer is a romantic figure; a struggling brain surgeon, less so.
Nowadays, everybody is "offering experience" - but nobody is willing to put their hand in their pocket and pay for the labour they are gaining. So employers continue to get something for nothing, while the workers get nothing for something very important. If we force vulnerable young workers to accept this new deal, we will all pay a very high price.