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I am sure that Julie Ward's recollection of her visit to the National Gallery as a teenager is reliable, but she has misunderstood the reasons for the changes we are making. These are determined by our need to maintain free access, to extend the services and improve the education we provide, as well as to generate income and encourage support at a time when the government grant is reduced.
Blair's new Thatcherism and warmongering pushed me from Labour long ago, but still every new tory-lite policy Miliband's Labour announces seems like a fresh betrayal. It's high time the base support Labour takes for granted realised that continuing to vote Labour is not in their best interest. It's time for a real change, for the common good.
Bob Crow was the greatest trade union leader of his generation and his death came as a devastating shock to me and millions of trade unionists. I would like to send my union's heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. I can't imagine how they are feeling and I hope the media respect their request for privacy... Bob once asked why it should be just the bankers, the politicians and the idle rich who enjoyed the finer things in life. While some try to beat us by sowing the seeds of envy, Bob offered hope that a better world is possible.
It is unconscionable that any self respecting trade union would allow its members to engage in the wilful and systematic sanctioning of benefit claimants without meaningful resistance. It flies in the face of the very principle of social solidarity that is the cornerstone of a movement founded on the understanding that the interests of working people - employed and unemployed - are intrinsically the same.
Employment minister Esther McVey has been accused of peddling "fact-free nonsense" after urging young people to apply for
According to the Queen in her speech at the state opening of parliament today, the government "will continue to focus on building a stronger economy". Can you run that past us again please, Your Majesty? That will presumably be the same government that has inflicted on us the slowest economic recovery in almost 150 years?
Being the head of the civil service is a difficult job and you probably have to take your friends where you can find them. It is disappointing then that Bob Kerslake seems determined to make enemies of the 450,000 civil servants who work for him.
I am sure you of all people do not need to be reminded that people claiming JSA or any other benefit to which they are entitled are not criminals, that jobcentre staff and benefits advisors are not their parole officers, and that the nation's benefits system was brought into being after a hard fought struggle by previous generations of trade unionists and working class men and women in this country to ensure a minimum of protection and justice for working people in periods of economic turbulence, ill health or any other crisis which might occur in their lives.
Budget 2013 live : Follow George Osborne's announcement here with our 'At A Glance' guide to all the big decisions on the
Budget 2013 live : Follow George Osborne's announcement here with our 'At A Glance' guide to all the big decisions on the