Last week, the UK held a Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial meeting in London. Defence Ministers and senior figures from over
On 10 June 2016, the French Presidency of the Security Council organized a high level open debate on "Protection of Civilians
Since their first deployment in 1948, the blue helmets of UN peacekeepers have come to symbolise hope, safety and impartiality. Thousands of courageous men and women from countries all around the world have dedicated themselves to serving the cause of international peace. Over the years they have worked tirelessly to support those countries and communities attempting to reconcile and rebuild after horrific conflicts.
The other day I received a message from a friend clearly appalled by my poor Facebook presence since moving to Uruguay. 'Why so quiet, what no internet in Venezuela?', it read. Marvellous.
Unquestionably the most closely-fought in Nigeria's turbulent history, Nigeria's presidential elections on 28th March offer both promise and peril for Africa's most populous country.
About 20 United Nations peacekeeping observers have been captured by armed forces on the Syrian-Israeli border. According
Conflating poverty alleviation with peacekeeping and other military operations ignores a fundamental principal of economic efficiency - comparative advantage - and fuels mission creep, one of the most dangerous threats to military operations.
Charities have rounded on David Cameron after he suggested aid cash could be spent by the military. The "morally wrong" proposals
David Cameron has said the government would be prepared to use hundreds of millions of pounds of overseas aid cash to bail