pebble watch

I only bought the watch to fill in the tech gap until the Apple watch which I am certain is going to be a game changer, I believe it will create a market like the ipod did, and the reason I think that is because the Pebble gives you a glimpse of how a wearable device like this could improve day to day without actually delivering entirely.
Smart watches are now a real thing. With devices like the Apple Watch, Asus ZenWatch and Moto 360 there's something for everyone
The Consumer Electronics Show (better known as CES) is an ideal place to take the pulse of technology for the coming year. Last week's event in Las Vegas could have taken that pulse with a wrist-worn fitness monitor as wearable technology dominated proceedings.
A lot of big tech brands have been testing the water with futuristic concept watches, including Samsung and Sony. Let alone the mystery of what's going on behind Apple's closed doors. The time for wristband computers is nigh.
The success of the Pebble watch shows what can be achieved when you catch the zeitgeist with crowdfunding.
How will we look back at the current phase in our tech evolution? We may see it as the time we were confused about what's important in our immediate environment. Walking around a busy city, we see thousands of people at risk of bumping into things as they peer at online maps, messages and articles.
Crowdsource funding website Kickstarter has launched in the UK. The website allows projects to turn to the internet for their