Peggy Mitchell

Viewers will now see the Mitchell family struggle to cope in the wake of Peggy’s death, and one final member of the clan
Her plan to take take her own life was then revealed after a conversation between Phil and the newly-returned Grant Mitchell
Peggy Mitchell's final 'EastEnders' episode aired on Tuesday (17 May), and there was huge shock twist, as Pam St. Clement
We've seen Britain's most famous landlady battle cancer, negotiate her family's many feuds and cover up their crimes. She's taken - and dished out - a number of slaps, and watched her beloved pub burn to the ground, all while seeming far mightier than her 4'11" stance suggests she should be.
It look like temptation might be hard for Sharon and Grant Mitchell to resist in Tuesday night’s ‘EastEnders’. The former
Babs' character had more than a`few rows over the years.
Over the decades, Peggy Mitchell has won the hearts of millions of 'EastEnders' fans, but the same can’t always be said for
'EastEnders' fans have been left devastated at the news that much-loved character Peggy Mitchell is set to be killed off