penal reform

The government's plan to close a further four prisons and build two new "super" jails has been slammed as an "absolute disgrace
Serious and repeat criminals should not expect to escape with a caution and the public and victims have a right to expect such people who have committed a crime to be brought before a court.
Privatisation raises ethical questions about the nature and role of imprisonment in our society. While privatisation could help curb any remaining restrictive practices, it is no panacea to the problems of our overcrowded, usually invisible and too often ineffective prison system.
Sickening though the thought of sharing genetics with them may be, rapists remain human beings. A person's humanity can neither be removed nor relinquished - no matter how disgusting their crime. So if we consider, as per the UDHR, that the right to vote is a natural, human right, the only limit can be humanity
We will be electing new Police Commissioners next month. They have a unique opportunity to reduce crime. But that can only happen if simple questions on what crime is being committed, where it is being committed and by who are answered based on evidence. Otherwise real issues could be lost in political correctness.
The government is right to suggest some compromise on the issue of prisoners' voting rights and sensible MPs should support this.
A 'blue-on-blue' row has erupted after suggestions the coalition is poised to give prisoners the vote, with one Tory MP saying
More than half of all criminals ordered to wear an electronic tag break the terms of their curfew, a review has found. Some
A thorough review of the effectiveness and efficiency of tagging offenders is needed before the system is extended any further
At the Carlton Club's Carlton Lecture, which in the past has been delivered by sitting Prime Ministers, including Margaret Thatcher, the former Conservative party leader, now in the House of Lords as Lord Howard of Lympne, openly criticised the current Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke, by repeating his 1993 mantra, "prison works".