pension reform

What do you want to be when you're older? A common question asked of children. But why are we not asking people over 50 the same question?
Pension relief is one of the most common (and government-sanctioned ways) to avoid tax. Limiting it (especially if other exemptions and loopholes were also altered) could lead to further knock on gains for the public purse as higher earners find fewer simple ways to avoid taxation at their disposal.
The next generation face being in their 50s before they have paid off their student loans and in their 60s before they are
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The government has insisted that the pension deal offered to teachers is "as good as it gets" as thousands of teachers and
Doctors' leaders are meeting to consider their next move in the bitter row over the government's controversial pension reforms
A leading teachers' union is to issue a legal challenge to the government over its controversial pension reforms in a fresh
Britain could end up with an "apartheid" pension system unless reforms are pushed through in the teeth of trade union opposition