people power

Since its publication, pundits have been pouring over the Labour manifesto with usual noises about what adds up or not and how far the party has moved to the left or otherwise. However, they have so far missed a major development which could have a lasting influence on British politics. That is the transparency of the manifesto, which is so essential for empowering citizens.
The question shouldn't be "do petitions work?" but "how do they work best?" It's all down to the power of a strong personal story that will help you build an army of supporters who you can call on to take action, every step of the way to victory. If you do that, your campaign will be impossible to ignore - however many signatures it attracts.
This election is set to be the closest in decades. Polls predict that no one will win with an outright majority and every day there is a new horse to back. And in all of this noise it can feel like there is no way of getting your voice heard - the issue you care about out there. Well that's not true. Every day at we see people getting the issues that matter to them onto the political agenda and into the news. Here are five ways you can get yourself heard during the election, whether you decide to vote or not.
So, for the record: we are not trying to win, but to change the democratic system; and we are not setting up a new party, but hoping to improve how MPs represent the electorate, whichever party they are aligned with.
Without the use of the internet and social media the New Era residents would have struggled to put pressure on a decision maker thousands of miles away. And without good old fashioned solidarity rallies, the campaign would have failed to capture the hearts of the public. That's how you win campaigns today.
Millions of people across the country are feeling powerless with stupidly high bills, appalling customer service and complicated tariffs. However, this new campaign puts the ordinary consumer back in the driving seat.
Congratulations! You are more powerful than Rupert Murdoch. Jeff Bezos may be the billionaire owner of Amazon but he's got nothing on you. Not, that is, according to the Guardian. In it's annual power survey of the British media landscape the Guardian has awarded "you" - the people - top billing, the most powerful force in British media today.
I had sat with Nic as he had battled with the company over this decision, reading the letters he obtained from his doctors calling the company's decision "cruel and highly distasteful." I promised him then that I would continue to fight for the family when he was gone.
One year ago, launched in the UK. It's grown more than we could ever have predicted. Using the incredible power of storytelling and the shareability that social media offers, individuals who have never considered themselves campaigners or identified as 'political' are challenging the institutions that govern their communities, cities regions and countries.
There is a real sense that charity campaigning is under threat now more than ever.