people with disabilities

"Every day we are reminded that, for everybody, work is a defining feature of human existence. It is the means of sustaining
everybody banner We can all do more to reduce the fear factors amongst disabled people and those organising activities. Disabled people's fear is likely to be greater than providers. The barriers they may have to overcome in reaching the session can be huge.
Most people have heard of Guide Dogs, also often miscommunicated as "Blind Dogs". However, few have heard about many of the ways dogs can physically and metaphorically open doors for people with disabilities and medical conditions, leading them to improved independence, better quality of life and enhanced mental and physical wellbeing.
Nine years since I was last here, I'm back in South Sudan, the world's newest nation. Part of the work I am doing here, with
Up to 13 million disabled voters like me will be heading to polling stations this week. It's no understatement to say that
One year ago, the ground-breaking Charter on the 'Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action' was launched
While there were a few glimmers of hope in the Chancellor's speech, they are not enough to allay the uncertainty and fears for many people with MS. Access to disability benefits, the right healthcare and social care support is crucial if people are to live fulfilling lives and the Government must ensure this is a reality for all with MS.
Disabled people with extraordinary talents succeed and contribute to the world economy every day.
I work with many people who struggle with long-term disability and its impact upon their employment. Whilst they have some of the toughest obstacles to overcome because so much is beyond their control, they are often the most inspiring examples of determination.
Tendering for human services seems like a slave auction in reverse: human beings are sold off, for profit, to the lowest bidder.