peppa pig

‘Peppa Pig’ has previously been criticised for damaging kids’ emotional development, and now a doctor has raised another
High-fiving yourself in the car window reflection when you’ve successfully strapped them all in is totally a thing
1) There goes the ‘spare’ Mars or Twirl in the four-pack. 2) The bannister is a handy clothes rail for everything you all
An episode of ‘Peppa Pig’ has been pulled off air in Australia for the second time, after complaints it encouraged kids to
A mum who was innocently teaching her daughter how to draw ‘Peppa Pig’ soon realised she’d made a big mistake. Using a pig
So we sit and we watch and you could say I've come to know Peppa Pig quite well without even really meaning to. Obviously her reputation had preceded her. So many parents find her interminably annoying, bold beyond reason and irritating in the extreme.
And that it is the beauty of cartoons; the characters don't age. They transport you back to the time when you sat on the orange-patterned rug by the fire and stared up at the square box with the fuzzy picture, they remain on screen as they did in our memories.