peppa pig

It dawned on me, quite early into my Peppa Pig watching days (I'm heading into my fourth year now), that everything is really quite lovely in the small town where Peppa and her family live.
Where are Charlie and Lola's mum and dad? They go to the zoo, the park, play in the paddling pool - ALL ON THEIR OWN. There is never a grown up around. Not a sniff of adult supervision. Are social services aware?
A week ago, a columnist of the Daily Mail was telling her readers why she had suddenly decided to ban the four-time Bafta-winning cartoon Peppa Pig from her home. Is Britain's top-selling pre-school character as dangerous and evil as the journalist claims it is?
An episode of Peppa Pig has been banned in Australia after a complaint from a single viewer. The controversial episode entitled
Maternal amnesia is a wonderful thing. I'd forgotten all about tantrums. Even convinced myself that my first two children had sailed peacefully through their twos. Until this morning, when my third baby had his first proper tantrum. And it all came flooding back.
Every parent you ask about Peppa Pig World reacts in a similar way. They offer a withered smile, and explain wearily about how "you've got to do it" and that the "kids loved it", but you know by the tired expressions that Peppa has left her pink mark on them.
The colourful children’s character Peppa Pig has undergone a make-over leaving her less porcine and more pornographic. The
The toddler is napping, the baby is sat contentedly chewing your car keys and you're washing up. The house is calm for a rare and brief moment. Then suddenly your husband throws a curveball...
The official Peppa Pig Facebook page has been hacked, posting a status ending with the words "go to hell, bitch." The update
Home to the world’s first Peppa Pig World, Paultons Park has launched its new attraction for 2013 - a state-of-the-art, 150