Pera Training

We've made great progress in reforming further and higher education in the UK over the last four years. However the job is far from done, it would be wrong to think now our country's economic fortunes have turned a corner, that we can afford to take our foot off the gas...
I am immensely proud that we have managed to persuade policy makers of the benefits of measures such as this one announced in Thursday's Autumn Statement, benefits for young people, businesses, the Treasury and society at large.
The German Dual System and their more deeply established apprenticeship programmes reflect extremely poorly on the UK position. We have a journey to make and we are still a long way from reaching our destination.
For too long, a stigma clouded apprenticeships. But now that stigma has gone. A degree is no longer the only route that the ambitious and capable can take on their way to fulfilling their potential. Apprenticeships are a wholly viable option. A-Level leavers must make the choice that is right for them as individuals.