It's funny that they don't have a reputation for it, but believe me, they push themselves to the limits. And yet, when things get on top of them, we curse them. How dare they ruin my night out? I spent £25 on that ticket.
Every year the Edinburgh Fringe grows in size; there is comedy, dance, theatre, poetry, singing, nudity, some more nudity and lots of flyering. Here are five things performers (myself included) are currently panicking about...
It's here! That crazy month where tons of creative, funny and just down right weird performers (myself included) flock to Scotland for a month of drinking, flyering and probably some performing. This shall be my sixth Edinburgh so it's about time I wrote a "A Guide to the Edinburgh Fringe" blog.
In the days leading up to a show, I spend a lot of my time making sure I'm show ready. I'm probably in the minority of comedy acts that do this, but then again I'm not 'just' a comedy act, some people would say I'm not even a comedy act, with jokes like that one I've just made, they might have a point.