Perinatal Depression

There's been a discussion in the media recently about men who develop depression after the birth of their child. The crux of the debate is whether or not this can be called "postnatal depression".
After the recent report that was published in Parliament on Tuesday, I was honoured to be there to witness all parties coming together and support the work of the MMHA. It was reported that the UK will lose £8.1 billion per year as the illness not only effects the new mum, but the children and other areas in later life if unsupported.
When it comes to postnatal depression people automatically think its a women and that's the hardest part for men to really come forward for help. Its an illness that happens in the first 12 months after the birth, so maybe it should be called depression instead for men.
Frank Field has hit the headlines again this week talking about how we measure poverty and improve life chances for children.