Rejection - one of the harshest parts of life. If there is one experience that all we humans have faced in our life that
Although my situation (not being able to move and do things for myself), I still have people around me to do it all for me. I do not have to rely on the compassion of others to survive. Not everyone is so lucky.
More than once I have been asked: what I have that normal healthy woman don't. Well, the answer is a positive attitude and a smile. It is as simple as that. I am also asked very often if I do hope on a miracle. To tell the truth, the miracle has already happened.
Kati is my wife. Kati is the young woman who suffered a stroke in 1995 and since that has been almost entirely paralyzed. Kati is a woman that has spent almost her entire adult life trapped inside her body. Kati is also the person that knows how to enjoy life at the moment to the fullest making the most of each and every day.
Sometimes in your career, just as I was, you are faced with nothing, nada, zilch, zero. In my case, it was the train crash that absolutely trashed my financial advice career and left me with no way back. For others, it may be the failure of a business, having to change direction to survive or even trying a new venture but not being sure where to start. Here are some tips on how to get going:
my mother's birthday. The doctor called my parents in to break the news to them. "From the brain scans, we can see that your daughter's lower brain area is completely gray." "Our conclusion is that she had a stroke," "I am sorry to inform you this, but the brainstem is so severely damaged that she would not be able to move voluntarily at all for the remainder of her life."
I've long told bemused friends that I'm not afraid of being haunted and that I actually think it would be quite cool if it happened. Whilst some say that they would rather die themselves than be visited by the dead I don't see what all the fuss is about.
My name is Kati. I had a stroke in January 1995, and I have been almost entirely paralyzed with no meaningful movement or able to talk since. I have Locked-In Syndrome, I am trapped inside my body. Let me share a little secret with you;
misery is not a reality; it is a state of mind.
I press play on the CD player and the opening bars of Madonna's 'Holiday' suddenly filled the car. Instantly my two sons, Mark, 7, and Stuart, 5 burst into excited song. I sing along too. It's 1991, we're on our way to Majorca, and I've never felt so lost and alone.
Sometimes we need a little reminder that we all have a ticking clock inside of us that counts down, every second of every day and if we're not careful it reach zero before we even know what's happened.
It's a personality trait that is often overlooked by the media who prefers to report on the more glamorous parts of seemingly overnight multi-billion dollar exits or cataclysmic failures - but nothing in between, which makes for the vast majority of business cases.
With the Olympics fast approaching, it's an all too easy analogy to make. The athletes at the top have a way of making something incredibly difficult, look effortless. So too, does Nicola Woods.