personal brand

So someone ticks you off. You get the wrong milk in your Starbucks' latte. Your boss berates you during a meeting. A jerk cuts the queue when you're already late. It rains on your new suede shoes (I've been there, and feel your pain).
So next time you find yourself explaining how busy you are; I hope you feel a little embarrassed. Busy is a bad choice and it isn't cool.
Our Personal Brand is a little like our home. We must keep it clean, and ensure our Inner Brand (the internal workings) are kept in good order. Taking full responsibility for your Personal Brand can almost be a full-time job. And like any job that consumes us, we must endeavour we do our utmost to ensure our job is secure.
Business today means leading and empowering professionals towards branding themselves, and being less precious about top-down control. Help people to be themselves and trust that they will return the favour by bringing brands and campaigns to life, just like Pinocchio.
Almost as soon as we realise we can be a better version of who we are, we set the wheels of improvement in motion. Consider you assets and what you do well. Then, consider what you'd like to improve, or further enhance and change for the better.
So much of what we do is online, that it seems we've lessened our ability to communicate effectively in-person. So much so, I'd describe our online/offline persona as Jekyll and Hyde. Problem is, when/who is going to emerge, Jekyll or Hyde?
I'll be watching with interest where Brin takes his personal brand over the next few years. With Larry Page and Eric Schmidt coming under increasing media scrutiny and public criticism, Brin may be unable to sustain his current tech messiah status while associating himself with Google.
For women in business, building a strong personal brand is a critical investment in the rise to the top. As Rita showed us so powerfully through the annual Interbrand Brand Index, strong brands have held their value even in difficult times. There is less risk in a strong brand and more chance of a return.