Dunkeld Fish Bar in Perthshire is pulling out all the stops this festive season. For just £10 you can have your entire Christmas dinner deep-fried.That’s turkey goujons, Brussels sprouts, carrots and parsnip fritters, served alongside a giant pig in a blanket – a battered foot-long sausage.
Alex had been right about the hood. 'Driving through Glen Coe in a convertible is an amazing experience,' he'd told us. 'In a convertible you can smell things like the heather, the wild garlic. In a regular saloon you're cut off from all that. With the hood down you're out in the open, enjoying the fresh air.'
We were a little unsure of the place at first, as when we checked in and made our way up the grand staircase to our room, there was a kind of reverential hush about the hotel. It was the kind of feeling you might get if you were a guest at Buckingham Palace, I imagine.
Dunkeld is one of the most enchanting towns in Scotland, standing in a scenic spot by the River Tay and with the haunting ruins of Dunkeld Cathedral one of its highlights.