It remains unclear what the future holds for the hundreds of westerners that have fought, or are fighting against, ISIS. For those that do come home, the consequences of their decision to travel, whether physical, mental or legal, could be life changing. In the legal context at least, it appears many were unaware of the potential implications. With more legal clarity, such a situation could have been avoided. The conflict in Syria and Iraq is not the first to feature large numbers of foreign fighters, but considering the outcomes so far, we should make it the last.
The respect that I felt for this small group of women was profound. What I met that day was a group of warriors who held a tremendous amount of bravery, courage and determination. They are not only standing up against the violence and oppression of the Islamic State but are challenging their own cultural norms and taboos that would typically prevent women from being part of an armed group in Kurdistan.
The UK has “significantly more to do” to help Kurdish fighters defeat Isil in Iraq, according to a Labour MP visiting the
Russian jets and warships have been bombarding targets across Syria for nearly 2 weeks in a campaign which Moscow says is
A serving British soldier is believed to have travelled to the Middle East to fight against Islamic State. The man, understood
A blunt and bleak report from the Defence select committee, headed by Rory Stewart MP, has thrown an intellectual hand grenade into British discussion about the dangers of Daish, whose innovative barbarity has been amplified by the immolation of a Jordanian pilot.
Porn-obsessed wankers are the main recruits from Britain for radical jihadists in Islamic State, Boris Johnson has said. The
That 200 Kurds and Brits came to the Commons on a cold December evening gives great hope to a campaign to help the Kurds help their own citizens and others, who face a colder winter in terrible conditions. The Kurdish Diaspora may be waking up from hibernation. Their contribution to this campaign, which will stretch out for months and years, is vital.
A British army veteran is one of several Britons who has travelled to join Kurdish forces fighting Islamic State, according
MPs, many of whom once struggled to place Kurdistan on a map, are better informed and understand that Kurds are efficient allies in the common fight against Daish. This is eroding the deep resistance to involvement in Iraq, which came to be defined as a disaster of the first magnitude, and maybe Syria.