Peter Gabriel

"That song, 'Apologize', was the biggest double-edged sword ever. We had a cake, but the icing was so immense, that it drowned the cake, and so we had to... we almost broke up, we couldn't be taken seriously any more, number one in 30 countries with our first record, and it didn't even sound like a band, it sounded like a remix. People will say boo hoo, but I wanted my life..."
I talked to, acclaimed musician and arranger, John Metcalfe about his latest album, life in the Durutti Column and the sound of trees
A year ago I lost my job, felt sorry for myself for 48 hours and then got back on the bus and started my own phenomenally successful (almost) media consultancy. My latest playlist selection was, I thought, entirely random. But today I realised it's not - it's all about me. Or at least me and work - losing, winning and everything in between.
I was recently at a friends 60th birthday party, and he said because of his age he was now an elder. I have to disagree, for me there are distinctive characteristics which mark out an elder. One of them is not seeking status, another is being content to be unpopular.
Apples Tim Cook should be 'Pledging" support for this pirate genius Apple executives have long fancied themselves as disrupters
In the late 1980s British jazz boom, classically-trained pianist Rebello made his mark, finding himself in the company of players such as Steve Williamson and Courtney Pine. They and their cohorts redrew the benchmarks of jazz excellence with a virtuosity that silenced lesser players daring to call themselves jazz musicians.