Peter Oborne

I was a WTO delegate in 2016. Let me assure you, contrary to what Oborne claims, the 'Brexit WTO model' wasn’t killed by US and Chinese protectionism.
"Maybe it means rethinking the Brexit decision altogether."
There is a deeper and more troubling context here. By sending the message to law-abiding Muslims that they are excluded from the simple privileges enjoyed by all other British people, we risk encouraging rather than suppressing extremism.
We would rather believe Jihadi John was always evil. He always wanted to behead people. Bomb others. Burn innocents. To argue otherwise is to be an apologist for terrorism, it makes you "part of the problem". And thus the parameters of discussion are severely constrained; a large chunk of freedom of expression is eroded by baseless stigma.
Oborne is right that HSBC's behaviour in helping clients avoid tax was shameful (if not illegal) but he's wrong that the Telegraph's response was just as shameful or immoral. If you're a cynic like me, you might view it as not terribly unusual. And you might wonder how interested the newspaper's readers will be once the story has died down.
I think its striking how little critical commentary we see in travel writing compared to other popular sections of the paper.
Peter Oborne quits the Telegraph. He accuses them of bad things. He says they pander to advertisers, drop stories and run populist headlines. Everyone who cares says 'wow!' and the Telegraph gets a kicking on Twitter. That's the upshot of the story. But even if the Telegraph did do all these things, why was Oborne so surprised and shocked?
The Daily Telegraph has not responded to a request for comment on this story. But journalists were privately expressing contempt
The Daily Telegraph has blamed its own inability to cover stories that affect the newspaper’s marquee advertisers on a giant