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The Pew Research Center is giving the term “millennial” a new generational boundary and it’s set much sooner than some other researchers had suggested.
With a devout Kentucky clerk gaining notoriety for defying the Supreme Court over gay marriage, and Ben Carson prominent
Fewer than a fifth of people in the UK think homosexuality is "morally unacceptable", the sixth lowest of any country to
Our social networks have become part of all walks of our life. LinkedIn was once your 'go-to' site for connecting with colleagues, but now the paths of our digital personas cross over, making Instagram and Facebook as important as WhatsApp, Snapchat and Twitter.
Digital subterfuge and parental disapproval are at times inevitable. In effect, many teens are using digital media just as they previously used music or fashion; as a means to help define their identity and facilitate their transition into adulthood.
There is no roadmap for women who are main earners. Like any adventure this is then both exciting and terrifying. The good news is that women have the opportunity to chart their own path and make being the breadwinner work for them and their families.