Dephyne Murray, the 72-year-old Fort Hare lecturer who just received her PhD in nursing, researched how divorce affects nurses, and the support they need.
On the night of December 19 I received a message from Laura. Our mutual friend Ahmed had been missing since the previous
If you're currently studying for a doctorate, I would really recommend joining the community of PhD bloggers out there. You might find that it makes you feel that bit less lonely at your laptop.
I have always loved animals. When I was at primary school I was unable to reach the front entrance without stopping to remove imperilled earthworms from the pavement and safely return them to soil. Even as a teenager, on summer holidays in France I was more concerned with patrolling the swimming pool for drowning insects than tanning myself on a lounger.
My innovation, HEROTECH8, brings drone technology to places and people that either wouldn't have the resources, energy infrastructure, or technical know-how to reliably, and safely, operate drone systems. This is not by focusing on the vehicles (although this is a very popular topic at the moment with start-ups) - instead we create autonomous drone infrastructure.
D, E, and F follow A, B, and C. D is for depression, but it could have been for disillusion, deceit, disagreement or even
In advance of academic writing month in November, I thought I'd write about something that I think I know quite a lot about
Women in STEM and women in business have much to offer each other. The low prevalence of women in both fields indicate that something is amiss in our STEM and business environments. If we could figure out what we can do together, more women will remain in STEM and business and benefit each other.
Is the UK government doing enough over the terrible case of Giulio Regeni? By "enough" I mean: is the governent putting any real time and effort into supporting the campaign to find out what really happened to this Cambridge University student who was abducted and tortured to death during his PhD research in Egypt?
More and more of us are choosing to undertake a PhD, or at least it feels that way with the number of blog posts and YouTube