Others attached to the project and in the scientific community reacted with relief and astonishment. Professor Monica Grady
Scientists are about to turn on Rosetta's communication system in the hopes of getting a signal from the crash-landed Philae
Someone who is extremely familiar with the consumption of humble pie is David Cameron. In September the Prime Minister was
Awesome shirt, wore it to the wrong occasion, apology accepted. Don't ridicule those who stand up for what they believe in, and no one's uncriticisable (is that a word?). Cool.
The Internet was ubiquitously lamenting that while humankind was reaching further out into space than we've ever dared, we were still more self-obsessed, facile and inward-looking than ever. Kam's arse was the epitome of our own navel - capturing our collective gaze.
Please allow me to congratulate you and your colleagues for an extraordinary accomplishment. Of the 7 billion people on this planet, I doubt more than a few thousand have the capacity to fully understand how complicated the Rosetta project is. I am certainly not one of those few-thousand people.
Landing on a comet versus Katie Hopkins: you have voted. Congratulations. Enjoy your deathscape of Twitter backlashes and reaction blogs. You did this. You. The Philae lander didn't die because its batteries ran out. It died of a broken heart. A heart you broke. With your lies.
"Philae has fallen into 'idle mode' - a possibly long silence. In this mode, all instruments and most systems on board are
Others said Taylor's shirt proved women are not made to feel welcome in STEM industries. Matt Taylor on Wednesday The shirt
The European space probe which landed - awkwardly but spectacularly - on a comet earlier this week is almost dead due to