Philip Alston

A further 350 hospital deaths in England, Scotland and Wales have been recorded. Here's the latest.
A third of people cannot face unexpected expenses.
“Look around you, that’s not what we see in this country," Chancellor says.
So long as the government refuses to end the indefinite detentionor scrap discriminatory hostile environment policies, the UK’s appointment of an ambassador to champion human rights around the globe will be tainted by hypocrisy.
A parliamentary inquiry into ‘survival sex’ has begun in the UK. It looks at how those struggling with poverty are resorting to prostitution in order to cover essential needs. It comes as the United Nations’ special rapporteur on poverty, Professor Philip Alston, published his final report following an investigation into deprivation in the UK.
The four-page feature in the Metro newspaper promised to "set the record straight" about the government’s controversial welfare system.
Philip Alston, a UN expert on extreme poverty and human rights, found one in five of the population now live in deprivation.
Professor Alston said “austerity could easily have spared the poor, if the political will had existed to do so”. We need a radical change to establish the sort of society we want to become.
Your right to education, your right to health, your right to dignity - none should depend on where you live
Surely a caring government should thank Professor Alston, for highlighting the suffering of so many and then resolve to to act on his findings?