Phillip Hammond

By accepting New Clause 2 of the Finance Bill today, Mr Hammond can send a powerful message that Britain expects all those who make money from trading on our shores to pay their taxes here. In the process he could raise at least £6bn to plug the growing gap in his spending plans. Contrary to what you may have been told money can grow on trees-it's just in this instance their roots are overseas.
On 22nd November, the Chancellor is expected to deliver a high-stakes Budget aimed at resetting the political agenda after
The UK has two years to finalise its (Br)exit strategy. Now that Article 50 has been triggered, here's what South Africans need to know about its impact here at home.
Politicians must ensure the media cover their news and views but it is a taxing task, as we saw last week with two flawed initiatives. Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn released his annual tax returns as part of a campaign to expose tax avoidance and evasion, which costs billions in lost revenues.
The Chancellor spring's Budget presents a chance to call time on the ability to buy a can of cider for cheaper than a bottle of water.
On Wednesday the Chancellor of the Exchequer will make his first Budget Statement. It'll also be the first Budget since Brexit. Pursuing a deliberate economic strategy outside the Single Market and the European customs union will require a complete reconfiguration of Treasury policy.
The opening weekend of the Tory Party Conference revealed that the Prime Minister Theresa May appears to be navigating towards a 'Hard Brexit', while the new Chancellor Philip Hammond has emerged as the champion of a 'Soft Brexit' or, in the latest parlance, a "partial Brexit". It was also the moment the new Prime Minister chose to unveil her new Brexit super-plan, the Great Repeal Act.
You may not have guessed it, but it's been almost 50 days since the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.
Six hundred British nationals have been caught trying to enter Syria to join Islamic State and other jihadist groups since
Britain's embassy in Iran has reopened in a sign of the diplomatic thaw between the two nations four years after the building