Phone calls

Today, a man named David called my radio show. David asked me when my contract ended and told me how much he was looking
VoIP technology is actually now more than 20 years old and the initial boom in consumer wireline VoIP came more than 10 years ago. Wireless mobile VoIP has also been around for quite a number of years. The first consumer application was introduced in 2006. A long time ago in telecoms!
Prisoners' confidential calls to the suicide prevention charity Samaritans have been recorded and listened to. Inspectors
Beware that if you download O2's latest mobile app, there's a chance others might want to steal your phone! When intrepid
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Presenters Zoe Salmon and Matt Edmonson have been tasked by O2 to put their TU Go app through its paces. Over the next week
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Facebook is testing free voice calling in the United States. Mark Zuckerberg's social network has begun the limited test
The taxman has been condemned for delays in answering phone calls that have been costing callers £136 million a year. The
Father’s Day may be just around the corner, but if the results of a new study are anything to go by, dads aren’t going to
Plans to expand the powers of the intelligence agencies to spy on emails and phone calls would break the coalition agreement