phone-hacking trial

Despite the fallout of the phone hacking scandal, the first part of which reached a dénouement earlier this week with a guilty
Self-confessed phone hacker Glenn Mulcaire accessed the new identities of individuals put under witness protection but Scotland
It had all the makings of a Hollywood script with the A-list star-power to match, but the phone hacking verdicts bring to
Rebekah Brooks was overcome by emotion on hearing she had been acquitted on all charges in the phone hacking trial, as her
Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson has told the phone hacking trial he was "shocked" when he learned a reporter
Andy Coulson has told a court that his affair with Rebekah Brooks was "wrong" and "shouldn't have happened". The former News
The husband of former News International boss Rebekah Brooks hid his stash of pornography because he did not want police
Phone hacking was going on at the now defunct News of the World "on a pretty industrial scale," the paper's ex-royal editor
Rebekah Brooks texted Tony Blair that she was "feeling properly terrified" the day before a police interview, exchanging
Chasing stories on David Beckham put a strain on the relationship between Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, the Old Bailey