Phone Hacking

The EU European Court of Justice has ruled that a Safe Harbour agreement, signed by many of the largest tech companies in
Four years after quitting Rupert Murdoch's News Corp with a £16million pay off, Rebekah Brooks is to return to the organisation
Sanford Wallace, otherwise known as the 'Spam King', has pleaded guilty of sending over 27 MILLION unwanted Facebook messages
The hacking of affairs website Ashley Madison has seen the leaking of millions of email addresses, transaction details and
A former News Of The World journalist has decried "sexist" police officers for asking whether she had sex with contacts as
Hickman crowd-funded his coverage of the trial, which is taking place at the Old Bailey. He is live-tweeting proceedings
I don't often get the chance to say this, so I'll seize the opportunity when it presents itself: I am proud to call myself a journalist. Why this week of all weeks? Because if it hadn't been for journalists - and one journalist in particular, of whom more later - the vast, stinking edifice that is Fifa would still be intact...
A US government agency has experienced one of the largest data hacks in history with the personal details of four million
Andy Coulson, David Cameron's former communications director and ex-editor of the News Of The World (NoTW), has been acquitted
When Neville Thurlbeck turned up on my doorstep to shatter my world, I would never have imagined that ten years later I would agree to review his book Tabloid Secrets. But time moves on and I was fascinated to get an insight into what makes a tabloid tick.