You might argue that this is a carefully posed picture à la cat beard lady rather than a photobomb - but either way, this
Katy Perry is probably used to being the centre of attention wherever she goes, but on Wednesday night the 'Firework' singer
There are photobombs and there is this. Yep, Kardashian Queen Bee Kris Jenner was in London's Selfridges store perusing the
If photobombing were an art, this dolphin would be a master. Just look at the careful composition of the shot, the marine
Perfect timing merges cat and woman, creating, of course, CATWOMAN. Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry have nothing on this
Well, our somewhat crazed looking photobombing husky went viral so we thought we'd give him another shot at hogging the limelight
UPDATE: Photobombing Husky Redux, Hairy Hound Makes Retrospective Appearances At Royal Wedding & 1966 World Cup With his
For some people, simply going to a Lady Gaga concert isn't enough. No, siree. They've got to get in on the action: Yes, bravo
Lurching out of the ocean like something out of a horror film, we reckon this publicity-seeking stingray has pulled off the
This squirrel has got a lot to answer for. Yes, ever since that cute little critter popped up by the side of a lake in Canada