It was a fairly easy job for the chief photographer of the Peterborough Evening Telegraph. Rowland Hobson was standing in
Now I'm not a photographer but I do know, and work with, quite a few of them. A couple of weeks ago they seemed happy and well-adjusted, as content as any bunch of creative sole-traders. But last week something happened that changed all that and I suddenly started receiving lots of off-loading emails full of rage and hate. Getty Images had started giving away photographers' stock photos for free.
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On their way to humbling England at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium on Tuesday, Pakistan wicketkeeper Adnan Akmal
If anyone was going to launch a book about backsides, it would be P Diddy, wouldn't it? He's spent enough years hiring women
A year after photographer Corinne Day's untimely death Gimpel Fils gallery are showing a selection of her early work. Visitors
One new mum confesses that she Photoshopped the scar and dried blood from pics of her newborn baby.