Professor Stephen Hawking will look back on his life today at an event to celebrate his 70th birthday. All tickets for the
Acclaimed professor and cosmological theorist Stephen Hawking turned 70 on Sunday. For the past 40 years Hawking has captured
Professor Stephen Hawking told listeners of BBC Today programme that he thought humans would almost definitely colonise Mars
A new breed of university to focus on science and technology has been touted by David Willetts to make Britain "the best
Stephen Hawking is looking for a technical assistant that can work with computers, electronics and won't buckle under pressure
Is religion fading in Britain? According to the latest influential British Social Attitudes Survey (BSA), just released this December, half of us Brits do not belong to any religious grouping or affiliation.
Watching the news from CERN via Twitter yesterday made for interesting viewing as one by one whispers of a design faux-pas echoed round the room and rash of Comic Sans hashtags broke out.
Physicists at Cern, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, have announced new evidence hinting towards - although
The physics of the future is being forged now. Out of the wreckage of old theories, which we knew were incomplete, will come something new. What a wonderful time to be going into science.
'Invisible paint' is usually just something used to confuse young boy scouts - as in, "go and paint that fence with...". But